Safe Browsing

Virus, Spyware Free Internet Browsing

Don't you sometimes wish you had a separate computer just for internet browsing. Just think, no worries about viruses, spyware or any of that nasty internet stuff.

Well now you can have that second computer with a virtual machine. A virtual machine is a computer inside of a computer. This virtual computer runs just like a real computer but with no interaction with your main computer.

You will need a computer with at least 512 meg of memory (but more is better), a 1 gig hertz processor and 10 gigs of free disk space (again, more is better). Almost any modern computer should meet these requirements.

So how do you set up and run a virtual computer? Try one of the methods mentioned in the previous article about 'Running Linux on Windows'.

If you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself just send me an email to request some help.