Why Free Software

Why FREE Software?

Upwards of 70% of the websites you visit run free software. This is not a coincidence. When you hear of the latest computer virus threat on the news, ever notice how they never say which operating system is affected? Spoiler: Just Windows.

Linux can run fantastically on older hardware that simply can't handle new versions of Windows. How much money can you save by using your existing hardware instead of purchasing new equipment to keep up with bloated software demands?

Stop reaching for your wallet when you need software. Google and Amazon both run on Linux and free software, why can't yours? Some verions of Linux have over 25,000 applications that are available for free, as well.

What Anti-Virus?
GNU/Linux doesn't need any anti-virus. Surf the web and open email attachments without the fear of malware and spyware. They simply stop being a part of your computing life.